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Okay… so self-publishing is not the fairy tale! You know the fantastic one where the proverbial publishing prince rides in and offers you, an unknown, unproven author, a huge signing bonus and a five book deal!

Theoretically a book deal from a large publisher or signing with a big agency sounds great! They are an impressive rite of passage into real author-dom, and garner huge bragging rights! But didn’t your grandmother warn you that looks can be deceiving? Not to judge a BOOK by its cover?!! Or that sometimes the Prince isn’t what he seems!

Ask most published writers how often they speak to their agent? Or their publisher? Most, if speaking off the cuff, will tell you rarely. Unless you are posting amazing sales and have a solid, established audience, contact is next to nonexistent. It’s a closed door world where they take as much as 60% of your books profits and you are left hoping that they are providing what was inferred if not promised.

It does however, beg the question, just what are they doing to deserve such a large chunk of your blood, sweat and art?

But where does that leave you?

On your own. Shoulder deep in marketing and promotions, a world most authors know very little about, nor care to.  The success of your book is dependent on it. It’s sink or swim. Can you swim?

How is Bonne Chance Press different?

We want to peel back the mystery and make publishing a book easy and accessible, allowing writers to not just create the book they want but to have a voice in their own product.

We understand that every author is different and thus requires varying degrees of help and guidance.

Bonne Chance Press we help writers to become authors.